I’ve lost

I’ve lost and no longer having confident to face you

Trying to smile and hide my sorrow infront of you

I will never be the same as I used to be

Loosing my strength to carry on

I wish you could be mine

But I will no longer be there to warmth you up

The sun is not shine that bright to me anymore

It is you who have the possibility to approach me,.

For me it is on my past,.

By the time I looked into your eyes,.

I loose my self and hardly find the way to survive,.

The honour is in yours,.

Will this story ends up here,..

Or will this memory is strong enough to bring you and me sharing the day together in our future,..

About bolin_maricoa

My nick name is BoLiN.......this name was given by my Father.......and it's has a meaning on it.........a prayer actually.........B=baik; O=orangnya; L=luhur; I=ilmu; N=nya........ amin ya ALLAH ^_^ Hmmmmmmm........... About my personality.........??? Let's find out by your self..... ^_^
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