Loosing interest on life,…


Have you been in time where no interest on your life? I have, today is that day. Like other ordinary days I fill my life with routine activity at home. There so many times I loose my joy and I just can’t figure out why that all happened?

Now I try to find the answer of my last question, why that in particular day I feel no excitement? Hmmmmm,…. I think I am able to find the answer, I am not going on any outdoor activity,. and it does makes me feel a litle bit indifferent.

I love to meet other people, sharing the day, find some new thing to learn, laugh together, share the pain also and all those activity and harmony makes me feel like “human”. I just can’t imagine a person who is unable to feel the same joy as I do,.

Some woman forced by the condition not to leave the house she live in and forbidden to go to work. Suddenly something crosses my mind, a litle story about a young talented woman who did a suicide with her two litle kids. She was graduated from a prestigious university in our country and no doubt she was a smart and talented woman.

After getting married she lived with her husband and they are blessed by two wonderful children. By the reason of religion and her duty to took care of their children, her husban forbidden her to find a job or doing her social life. Her husband said that he capable enough to earn the money and support his family financial needs.

The woman obey her husband rule and lived with that condition for a cople of years. By the time goes by, the woman feel no happiness on her life. She has to do all the houshold activity each days again and again. Finally she reach the point of desperate and frustated. And just like what the news announced, she was killing her self and so did her two children.


Let’s we take some lesson from this situation. Women need to actualize her self, not only to earn money but also to make a good perspective on her self. They need to get some respect and sharing their day with others. They need to give some meaning on other life so they can feel satisfaction on their life.

I am not saying, a woman have a right to abandon her children also, they do have the right to actualize their self not to forget to take good care of their family also. This should be in balance condition.

What about me my self?


I do hope I can find someone who can accept my willingness to share my day and help other as I am capable of. I am looking for a partner in my life, and the one who can love me just the way I am,..

amin ya Rabb,..



About bolin_maricoa

My nick name is BoLiN.......this name was given by my Father.......and it's has a meaning on it.........a prayer actually.........B=baik; O=orangnya; L=luhur; I=ilmu; N=nya........ amin ya ALLAH ^_^ Hmmmmmmm........... About my personality.........??? Let's find out by your self..... ^_^
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