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WeLLcome To My bLoG


FeeL fRee to Leave a CommenT to makes this bLoG improvinG yach,…

OR perhaps,. jez want to give a warmth greeting,..

Nice to have you as a VisiToR here My FrienD,…

About bolin_maricoa

My nick name is BoLiN.......this name was given by my Father.......and it's has a meaning on it.........a prayer actually.........B=baik; O=orangnya; L=luhur; I=ilmu; N=nya........ amin ya ALLAH ^_^ Hmmmmmmm........... About my personality.........??? Let's find out by your self..... ^_^
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9 Responses to Leave A Comment

  1. chy2bert says:

    lin….should I speak english here? I am not leaving in london anymore since long…hehe..

    • ha…ha…ha…


      we are living in the same house in london if I can remembered


      speak english and it can help you to improve your english capability uni,..

      betul tdk…..???!!

  2. Edo says:

    hi mrs. bolin, I’m Edo, nice to knew you..

    i’ve just finished read your entire blog.. and there’s something interesting i found on the name you type..
    was the “Indr*w*ti D*wi K*mala S*ri” (sorry 4 some sensor), your high school best friend, was the same people we knew? cause you two live in the same place (west sumatra)..
    the D*wi i knew has been died on february 2010 cause of heart attack.. Me and friend call her Ai.. and she live at jl. tap*kis, padang.. I met her first time at jakarta..

    please let me know if its true.. thanks a lot 🙂

    • Subhanallah,….


      it is true,..

      Oh my Lord,…

      Hope that Allah will give her forgiveness for all the sins and will accept all her good merit,..

      Amin Ya ALLAH ^_^

      I’ve no idea about that news my friend,..

      Actually we’ve been loosing contact for such a long time,..

      And Iam very sorry to hear this news,..

      She is one of the best friend I’ve ever had in highschool time,..

      And we share all the good and bad time together,..

      She is very loyal, cheerful, kind, and she has a pretty smile also,..

      I already knew since we are in highschool that she has an heart disease,..

      And several time I visit her home when she become ill,..

      Oh my,…..!!!

      I really shock to her the news from you,..

      and please accept my condolances,…


      Thanks to let me know,..

      I really appreciated,..



      • Edo says:

        I’m sorry Mrs. Bolin,
        I really didn’t mean to make you sad..

        But, to know someone who knew the same Ai, makes me feel better… that mean we can share everything we know about her when she was an high school student or when she works for judiciary at blangkejeren or whatever she did lately..

        actually, i miss her.. And i lost contact with her friends too..
        that’s why i type her name on google and finds your article..

        if you wanna start sharing with me, just send me an email..
        i am looking forward to your email.. thx Mrs. Bolin.. 🙂

      • sorry,..

        for reply so late,..

        I have difficulty in finding your email edo,..


        you can add me in facebook so we can share through this social web,..

        my name is Bolin Aryabarja,..



  3. Edo says:

    Hi Bolin,,

    It’s okay, and very thanks for your reply… ^_^

    I’m sorry not to show my email address here in comment page.. I’ve think my address will just showing on your control panel..

    I’ve add your Facebook account, maybe you’ll notice that my name is not “edo”.. I’m sorry Bolin, it just for the security reason…
    clue: I don’t have any religion and political interest.

  4. Novia Elisa says:


    my first visiting…
    nice blog sist…

    *mw keliling dlu y kak.. 😀

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